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    FL - Ilam Nissim shot to death by business partner's widow, 2008

    Miami, FL
    Tuesday, May 20, 2008

    Exactly one month ago, Janepsy Mesa's husband Orlando was shot and killed outside their home as he held their toddler, Noah, 20 months old. The toddler was wounded in the arm and leg but survived.

    Yesterday afternoon Mesa who was packing to move, shot and killed a man after he appeared unexpectedly inside her hallway.

    Was it self-defense or murder? The husband was to face a marijuana possession/intent to sell charge and his widow shot his friend/business associate. Is she involved in the drug trade? Did she entice him there for the purpose of silencing him?

    Who knows? This story is only beginning and already there are more twists and loops than a cheap crime novel.



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    The state called their last witness to the stand Tuesday in the murder trial of Janepsy Carballo...

    Carballo is charged with first-degree murder in the shooting death of Nissim inside her North Miami home. Nissim was her husband, Orlando Mesa's business partner.

    According to prosecutors, Carballo fatally shot Nissim in 2008 because she believed he was responsible for Mesa's death.

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    A South Florida jury has convicted Janepsy Carballo of first-degree murder for killing her husband’s business partner.

    The jury’s verdict came after almost three days of deliberations. Carballo, 37, was on trial for the 2008 killing of Ilam Nissim. The jury initially told the judge Wednesday that it was stuck on an 11-1 vote for conviction on a first-degree murder charge, before going back for more deliberations...

    Carballo faces up to life in prison for the conviction on the first-degree murder charge.

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