Oh here's a kid that don't take to authority and his GF is about as backward as he is.

Alex Phillips was told by investigators to take down naked pictures of his girlfriend from his Myspace. Seems the lovely young lady had sent the guy nude photographs from her cell phone and good ol' Alex just slapped them all up on his Myspace.

Somewhere along the line investogators told the lil a*s to get them pictures off there and his reponse? "****** that I'm keeping them up". Way to go brainyard because the 17 year old is now facing felony charges for posessing child pornography. GF is 16 and Phillip's is 17. I have a feeling the whole story isn't at this link as Phillip's claimed he was venting. Are these girls that impressionable? Are they that freakin stupid? Honestly the "Girls Gone Wild" crew work my last nerve, and I know this is alot of girls out there doing this same exact thing.

Follow the rule of thumb ladies. Don't let anyone take your picture and don't sign anything. Add in don't be taking your own pictures and doling them out because no matter how much you think you love these guys absolutely up the road half the free world will see them let alone all your BF's buddies.