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    WA - Seattle Groper Danger To Society

    Gropers are dangerous. I found this interesting because I think often women questions themselves as to what exactly is sexual assault. Well, I'll speak for myself, but I know when I was younger I thought a guy grabbing you didn't warrant a police report. A punch in his ugly face maybe, but now I know better.

    Darin L. Bolar is a convicted sex offender. Obviously he's not rehabilitated because he's been grabbing women in Seattle. I don't doubt he's done worse. After a woman screamed the other day as a man groped her this very brave Smaritan who witnessed the crime took a photograph of Bolar's license plate. Obviously Bolar was angry and took the guy's cell off him, but this helpful citizen told him he knew it by heart. So there.

    Bolar is no stranger to the law besides his sexual offenses. One of them including an assault on a teen girl at a waterpark. This guy has 12 aliases, and his rap sheet is hecka long. Convictions for robbery, drug possession, domestic assault, and perjury. Those don't include the rape of his former girlfriend.

    A time line of Bolar's crimes is at the link. He specifically groped Asian women and LE thinks perhaps he has an accomplice or a copy cat assaulting Asian women. Here's hoping they keep this menace locked up for like forever.


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    I totally agree. I think in some cases groping is a starting point for either beginning predators, or "rehabilitated" offenders who can then claim, "oh I just bumped into them, etc..." It does not surprise me at all that this guy has a history.

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