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    Catching a paedophile online

    TV's Jeremy Vine: The day I caught a paedophile online

    "Were you interested in modelling at 11 or 12 too?" he asked. "Ud have made a great bikini model then and an even better one now."
    He then inquired if "Jane" would like to go topless. "I can organise anything you want," he said.
    Often, "Jane" replied neutrally, sometimes backing out by claiming her computer was playing up or her mother was near.
    Swimcoach persisted though, asking: "What did you look like when you were 11 or 12?"
    He even asked what size bra she wore.
    Then the hook was dangled: "If ur really brave enough u cud sell topless pics to amsterdam magazine, they pay real big money, like 2000 quid."
    "Jane" expressed mild interest, and Swimcoach suggested she could earn even more from "a small part in a movie".
    He told her sex was legal in Holland at ten, and there was even more money to be made from appearing with a man at a peep show in Amsterdam.
    He was not put off when "Jane" said: "My mum wouldn’t like that."
    Swimcoach assured her she could ask for a "man to go with you into the peep show", and the person — no surprise here — could be him. 
For that, she would get £10,000, but the two of them would have to "practise before the real thing".
    Swimcoach wanted to meet our fictional 14-year-old, and soon he was suggesting a rendezvous.

    Full story: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/arti...le-online.html

    It's good to know the Police Paedophile Unit have officers who pose as children online.

    just because this is a television programme, i don't see it as gratuitous entertainment. i feel it gives the opportunity of waking up parents oblivious to the dangers for their children. this would not be the case for members of Websleuths where we are all too aware. but there are others.

    how many monsters are out there.

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    Oh Floh - I doubt we could count them all. Men on the internet and women in our schools. Sooooo sad.

    I agree about programs like this. In the US there is one on Dateline or a similar program and they catch several of these guys everytime. It is amazing. And apparently these pedos are not very smart because they still keep showing up at the staged house. I am always shocked by the men who show up - preachers are fairly common it seems, along with others.


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    Floh, you ask how many. Honestly I wonder. I think the numbers would just make me break down and cry.

    BTW, the program can bring attention and clue parents in on some of the danger online. Some of these social networking sites like Multiply you can't even begin to fathom. These pervs actually pose as kids and post photographs that would seem to us innocent. It's the intent those freaks have is what makes it so sick and I doubt many young people would even realize straight away.

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