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    Pasco Dancer accused of animal cruelty

    The clencher to this story is at the end of the article. Amazing.....

    Pasco dancer accused of animal cruelty

    NEW PORT RICHEY -- The dogs faces were sunken. Their ribs pressed against their taut stomachs. Three of them were locked in a cage in the abandoned home.-------------------
    That's why police arrested Carrie Michelle Posey-Feddersen on Saturday night on one felony count of cruelty to animals involving death and three misdemeanor counts of cruelty to animals.------------------------------
    Nicknamed "Kitty," her listed occupation is "dancer" at a club named Silk Stalkings.
    The landlord summoned police to 7030 Oelsner St. around 7 p.m. Saturday to investigate a report of abandoned animals at the duplex, the report said. A neighbor told the officer that Posey-Feddersen and her two children hadn't been seen since the power was cut off. Then the officer went inside.
    "It was obvious the dogs had not been cared for in several weeks," the officer wrote in the report.
    A Rottweiler roamed free. But three small dogs were in the cage. The dog who died was too far gone for help, police said.
    The power was restored that night and neighbors called police around 11 p.m. to tell them Posey-Feddersen had returned home. She had put her 5-year-old boy and 4-year-old girl to sleep in the feces-infested house but told police she was starting to clean up.
    "She was crying and stating she had done nothing wrong," Sgt. William Barrus told the St. Petersburg Times today.
    She was placed under arrest but refused to talk after being read her rights. She agreed to let a neighbor watch the children. Police also reported the situation to child welfare authorities.
    The New Port Richey Police Department said they had to leave the dogs in the home. Last month the SPCA canceled its animal control contract with New Port Richey, saying that the city needs to pay more to cover the true costs of their services. The city manager recommended contracting with Pasco County Animal Services instead.
    But in the meantime that has left the city with no animal control services. After the power was restored, the officers turned on the air conditioning and left plenty of food and water for the surviving dogs, according to Barrus, and will be checking on the animals throughout the holiday weekend.
    They hope to come up with a solution by Tuesday.
    "We're going to make sure we'll follow up," Barrus said, "and we can get someone to help us with these dogs."
    -- Jamal Thalji, Times Staff Writer

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    I had to do a double take, thought I seen Pasco, and I did, lol.

    She deserves to be arrested. How can someone leave the animals to fend for themselves while they leave? She sounds like a scum bag and probably didn't take care of the dogs when she was there.

    Guess things are slow at Silk Stalkings. She couldn't afford power!

    ETA - As for NPR not having a contract with the SPCA, from my experience, Animal Control stunk. I used to have a neighbor whos dogs ran loose all the time. Once, another neighbor found one in her above ground pool and had to rescue it. Fed up with no help from animal control, this neighbor and I finally tied the dogs up in her yard, called them, and they FINALLY took them away since WE caught them. Sure, they gave a warning or two to the owners during the duration of our calls but the owners didn't give a carp.

    I hope when they get their contracts straightened out, they'll also learn how to do their job.

    What would they have done with these dogs had the electric still been off? They would have to figure something out. At least they now have a/c, food, and water. Poor things.

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    I have no kind words for anyone who can up and leave their pets caged w/o enough food or water (if there was any) to last for that duration of time. She doesn't deserve to even keep these dogs. I wish LE could transport them to another animal control in the area. The SPCA in Clearwater has a "no kill" law and volunteers that walk the dogs.

    If business at Silk Stockings is slow, there are more than enough places to seek employment. That area is crawling w/ topless bars. I bet her money is going to alcohol and drugs first before paying the utility bills. NPR is an easy area to find work.
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    What a loser. She shouldn't be allowed to have a plant....let alone a child or these animals.

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