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    Is this a Microsoft update?

    It used to be that I could run my mouse over an unread thread or post and a box would appear with the first sentence or so. So now the box still appears with the writing in it, ONLY IT BLINKS OR FLASHES so that I can't read it. This is so GD annoying! How can I get it back the way it was? And how can I find out what causes this flashing box phenom?

    BTW, it's not just on WS, but anywhere that a box appears when the mouse touches it.

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    hmm I don't think it's an update Pepper. Try emptying your browser cache and cookies and then restart the browser.

    If the problem persists it could mean that you've installed a browser plugin or helper object that might be malware or spyware that's causing this behaviour. If that's the case you can try using Windows Defender, Ad-Aware, Spybot S & D or any other anti-malware software you have installed on your computer to clean up.

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