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    Cool Anti-Ticket Donut


    Lead foot? Late for Work? Does that Police Officer Know You By First Name?
    Then You Need:
    The Anti-Ticket Donut!

    Somehow I don't think this would work exactly as planned....

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    LOL The handbook looks funny for First Responders too. How much you wanna bet someone buys that and tries it?

    Couple it with crying or whining? I can't even say how we used to lift and seperate before the cop got to the car. Look I am not proud of it. Couple that with a smile and a "I ain't got a notion what I did wrong" look and it may just save you a ticket. Not all the time, but sometimes.

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    Might only work for awhile LOL. I worked at a donut shop briefly and we had a few cops in as regulars. The stereotype is based on fact! They received free donuts and coffee, as instructed by our boss, which kept them returning. They eventually passed on the donuts because they were putting on too much weight and it showed.

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