Having Melvin Ostrander as a friend of the family is not a good idea. The 27 year old Ostrander is a registered sex offender with original charges in Michigan. A quick search of the sex offender registry would show good ol' Melvin did indeed register in Florida.

A couple in Florida were friends with Ostrander and noticed some odd behavior from their 15 year old daughter whenever Melvin showed up. The girls mother even questioned her daughter about the behavior but the girl kept mum. That'd be because she was threatened by Ostrander with boduly harm and looking at this dude's mugshot I can imagine the child was afraid.

So, the parents decide to check the sex offender registry and after finding the creep on there contacted police. This poor kid was subjected to Ostrander inappropriately touching her in her own da*n home as well as at his place of business after he asked the child to accompany him to fill out a check as he can't read or write.

Ever the pervert Ostrander dismissed the girl's accounts of what happened as simply them having a crush on eachother. Yo, freak you're a 27 year old man and this is a 15 year old girl. Crush? Needless to say he's locked up, but yet another example of a sex offender not being able to control his da*n self.