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    Exclamation Alien Peeking Through Window?

    A video was released of a purported alien peeking through a Nebraska bedroom window. The man of the house suspected peeping toms were peeking in his daughters' bedroom windows, so he set up a video camera to catch them in the act.

    He got this instead (screen capture):


    Here's the story: http://www.denverpost.com/breakingnews/ci_9427587
    http://websleuths.com/forums/image.php?type=sigpic&userid=18587&dateline=122036  8386

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    Armand..I think there was a thread started on this in The Jury room section a day or so ago. You may be interested in checking out that thread and posting this there.
    With all due respect,

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    Im a believer, Im always looking for a sign, a clue, some kind of proof that there are other worlds with other life forms.

    And this just looks so....cheezy

    I think Fox Mulder would even shake his head at this one.

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    Oh I believe it. I have a friend who swears this happened to her. Poor girl has had nothing but physical health problems ever since.

    Man, I'd be so afraid of this. Armand, is coast2coast aware of this? I'm sure as George don't miss a trick.

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    I couldn't see a thing in the still shot except the black window. No wonder they thought there were peeping toms if they don't have any curtains or window shades covering the window at all. I'd be much more worried about people than aliens.

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    wow... that some SERIOUSLY lame photoshop!! funny how with aliens, ghosts, bigfoots, etc.. there never seems to be a CLEAR shot of anything... always fuzzy and blurry... lol

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    I don't even think it's photoshop. I just think it's a shadow of something else. It's completely translucent....

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    This guy was on Larry King Friday. He claims there is a lot more to the story but the "scientist" who are investigating don't want to release anything else until they are through with their investigation.

    It was a pretty good show. Larry had believers and skeptics.

    Why is it all the aliens look like the ones that were drawn by science fiction writers? And why don't these little critters land on my lawn. I'd invite them in. I have enough weird alien things growing in my fridge to get them a nice snack.

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