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    One Year Old Found Half Mile Away At Gas Station

    Erm, Bob Ernest is not a good babysitter. That is unless we believe he only took his eyes off this one year old "bout a minute".

    The one year old child that 55 year old Ernest was babysitting was found a half mile away at a busy intersection at a gas station. Comments following this story are interesting. Yes, yes kids are fast, but a half mile away? Photo of Ernest going into a patrol car. Brilliant. For the record whenever I have watched my nephews I watched them like I watched my own child. I decline to watch anyone elses kids even though the parents relay how they know I'd never let anything happen to them. That's a big responsibility. If it's not an emergency it's only family that I babysit for. You know cause I might turn away for a minute and a baby will wind up at a gas station.


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    Bob Ernest is hopeless and endangered that child.

    i hope he gets the fullest penalty.

    thank goodness the child is ok.

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