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    Girl Injured After Gravestone Falls on Head During Cemetery Field Trip

    Okay...this is just weird.


    ROCKFORD, Mich. A 12-year-old girl sustained a head injury when a gravestone toppled onto her during a school field trip to a cemetery in Rockford.

    The Grand Rapids Press and WWMT-TV report the North Rockford Middle School sixth-grader was among about 60 students at Rockford Cemetery on Wednesday when she was hurt.

    The girl's name and condition weren't released. Authorities say she was taken by ambulance to a hospital.

    Rockford City Manager Michael Young says students were using crayons to rub imprints of gravestones onto paper at the cemetery about 12 miles northeast of Grand Rapids.

    Rockford Public Schools says the trip was part of an effort to bring to life the Natalie Babbitt novel "Tuck Everlasting," which the students had been reading in English class.

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    Yep, that is a very strange story.

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    My supernatural believing husband would believe it to be the corpse was out to get her

    Seriously though oh my that's odd. We have a very old cemetary here and I never thought about them falling over on people. Most of them are very large and as tall as a person.

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    We used to do this same exercise until parents went to the school board pitching a fit because it was "morbid."
    I'm guessing someone had vandalized this cemetery in the past and the repairs were not done properly.

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    Well, they were pushing on the headstones to get a rubbing. It was probably loose to begin with.

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    If it was a very old one, it probably suffered from weather fatigue.

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    I remember in grade school we'd go to the cemetery to get charcoal rubbings, it totally wigged me out so in later trips I didn't go. The cemetery was *right* next to the school (there was a church there too, it wasn't just like.. bam.. graves in the playground or anything hehe)

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    I love history and cemeteries are a great source of history. You can find out a lot about people's lives just from reading their headstones. However, I don't believe people need to be touching headstones that are not of your own relatives. The old ones especially can break easily. Once they're broken, ususally they are not replaced. Of course a kid getting a head injury from one isn't good either. Field trips to cemeteries are a good idea, it's just not good to be handling headstones. It just seems like good common sense to me. I don't know what the teachers were thinking.

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    I cannot remember where it was, but within the past 5 years this came up and we were encouraged NOT to do rubbings on the gravestones.

    I agree though, that if it were your relative it would be different. Many years ago I visited an old family graveyard and I was going to try to get rubbings, but it was so overgrown it would have been dangerous (snakes!).

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