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    MI - Cheboygan Co., human foot on Lake Huron, May'08 - Dillon Herzer

    The partial human remains found Memorial Day in Cheboygan County, just four-tenths of a mile from the Presque Isle County line, have not yet been identified.

    According to Detective Sgt. Ron Nightingale with the Michigan State Police Cheboygan Post, an autopsy was performed Monday in Grand Rapids by Stephen Cohle, Kent County’s chief medical examiner.

    Nightingale said the autopsy process is not done yet. Norman Sauer, forensic anthropologist with the Michigan State University, currently is studying the bones.

    It is hoped Sauer’s process will provide investigators with information about the remains, including a general age range, sex and likely stature of the individual.

    Nightingale said this is not a process that will be done quickly.

    “I would say a minimum of months, if not longer,” he said.

    More: http://beta130.thealpenanews.com/pag...id/501709.html
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    Human foot is found on shores of Lake Huron

    There are a few people who died in this area. Bridge jumpers and accidents. Also Lana Stempien whose body was found, and Chuck Rutherford whos body was never found.


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    I could not imagin stumbling acrossed something like that
    Joann thank you for showing me all the beautiful things in this world especially yourself!!!

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    I just wonder if it has anything to do with the other feet washing into BC.

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    What is with all the feet washing up?? First in Canada, then there was one in Europe (I forget which country), and now in Lake Huron.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheShadow View Post
    What is with all the feet washing up?? First in Canada, then there was one in Europe (I forget which country), and now in Lake Huron.
    Thats what I wondered,its like something serously weird is going on.

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    Summers are short here...

    Gotta be those UFO aliens....

    Only one foot was identified right?
    A while back? Some homeless guy ?

    Maybe someone is cruising the waters doing this? I mean they float to shore ,so they must be cut up in the water right?

    When I first heard about this odd thing of the feet I wondered .Why would a killer just let the feet with shoes still on float to shore ?
    Then I was thinking that perhaps the shoes were left on to have them float ashore?

    to make the shock value much worse?
    A person has to be watching all the news reports about it ?
    Some clue has to be in the killers mind to have a foot with socks and shoes float to shore?

    #789UMCO unidentified found The victim was discovered on September 8, 2004 in the Flat Tops, White River National Forest, Garfield County, Colorado
    Estimated Date of Death: No longer than 5 years prior to discovery he left a note to "LIB"
    PLEASE HELP me find out who this unidentified person is so he can be buried rightfully near his family...


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    The foot and a torso found nearby in May 2008 were both identified as Dillon Kent Herzer, who disappeared during a yacht race in 1999. Rest in Peace, Dillon.

    <-- Watched one too many Hanna-Barbera "teenage detective" cartoons as a kid.

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    Results of DNA testing have now identified a human foot found in July 2008 on a Lake Huron beach near Hammond Bay and a torso also found nearby in May 2008, police say.
    A Texas laboratory that handles DNA identification cases from around the world has positively identified the remains found two years ago as those of Dillon Kent Herzer, a missing sailor who disappeared in July 1999 on his way back to St. Clair, Mich., from the 1999 Port Huron-to-Mackinac Yacht Race.


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