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    Baby Bones Found in Duffel Bag on the Side of Wis. Road

    BARABOO, Wis. – In Sauk County Wisconsin, a woman picking up trash along the side of a road found a duffel bag containing what is believed to be an infant skeleton.

    The bones of the small child are now being examined in Madison for testing and to determine the identity.

    "At this time the cause and manor of the death are unknown and the length of time the bones have been at this location is also unknown,” said Sauk County Chief Deputy Chip Meister. “Sauk County does not have any missing persons matching this description."

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    What the he!! is wrong with people !

    Well I dont want my kid so put it in a bag and throw it out along the road! Hello ding dong . People are crazy!!!!!!!!!
    Joann thank you for showing me all the beautiful things in this world especially yourself!!!

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    I think this is the the third thread on this one. Can the moderator link them together?

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