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    MS - Freddie Lee Thomas, 16, murdered in Sidon, 1965

    Freddie Lee Thomas’ broken body was found on a highway near Sidon in the middle of the night in August 1965.

    A 16-year-old African-American who went by the nickname “Sleepy,” Thomas was given a quick autopsy and quicker burial. His death was written off by the county coroner and pathologist as a hit-and-run accident. Leflore County Sheriff George Smith issued a statement saying he hoped to find the vehicle that was responsible. The incident was supposed to vanish, along with Thomas’ body, into an unmarked grave in Greenwood’s Magnolia Cemetery. But at the urging of Liz Fusco, a Cincinnati-born white woman volunteering with the Freedom Schools in Leflore County that summer, 100 Sidon residents wrote letters to President Lyndon Johnson requesting a government investigation. In response, the FBI sent agents to Sidon – at the time a known haven of Ku Klux Klan activity.

    The investigation, which took place over the course of a few days during the late summer of 1965, painted a possibly different picture, one that pointed toward a brutal murder.

    But like many civil rights slayings, the case went cold. No charges were filed; no arrests were made. Today, at the Southern Poverty Law Center in Montgomery, Ala., Thomas’ name is listed as one of the 74 “forgotten” victims of the civil rights era.


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    there are some hateful comments written in the comments portion of that story.

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    Freddie is listed among the Mississippi Civil Rights Martyrs:


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    I just finished reading the book "Natchez Burning", a novel based on many of these murders committed by the KKK during the 60's.

    They operated on both sides of the Mississippi River, in Louisiana and Mississippi. The book had an index of sources to learn more about these cold cases.

    LSU Cold Case Project


    Here's a link to their interactive map of these cold cases


    It's a great book and the stories are very sad, murders still unsolved, many of their bodies never recovered. I wonder if we should start a separate thread for these cold cases?
    All statements are my opinion only.

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    See the thread on Joseph Edwards in Missing but Not Forgotten.

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