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    Two Arrested For Kidnapping Robbing Disabled Man

    Two louses kidnapped and robbed a physically disabled man after they asked him for a ride home from a party. The esteemed Donald Britton aged 36 and the peach of a guy James Bell aged 19 beat this poor man. They held a knife to his throat and took his PIN number and withdrew money from ATM's. Plus they had the nerve to pick up another man during all this. Honestly how rotten can people be? They let the man go early in the AM the next morning and he called family to tell them what happened.

    Mughsots and more at link.


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    What scum, SOBs' to hurt a disabled person!

    "The driver, whose identity authorities are not releasing, is physically handicapped and prone to epileptic seizures. "Because of his medical condition, he was very friendly and apparently didn't say no to anyone," says Lt. Michael Frank."

    I wonder if his medical condition which made him friendly and not save no; it may have saved his life, as if he had resisted these scum maybe they would have killed him.

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