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    11 year old commits suicide.

    The grief Christina Wood felt Tuesday in the wake of her 11-year-old daughter's death was equal only to the questions running through her head.
    Bethany Lutes of 901 W. Broadmoor St. was pronounced dead about 6 p.m. Monday at OSF Saint Francis Medical Center, a day after she was found hanged from a tree in her front yard.
    "It's totally senseless," Wood said Tuesday.
    Wood said the happy-go-lucky fifth-grader had been complaining of problems with friends at school. She had dismissed it as regular preteen squabbles.
    But about 4 p.m. Saturday, a neighbor spotted Lutes slumped over in a kneeling position in her yard with a scarf tied around her neck and to a tree branch. She had been unconscious for an unknown amount of time.
    When she was told, Wood, a certified nursing assistant, performed CPR on her, but "she just wasn't able to come back."

    This is so senseless. I am not sure what this little girl was going through but my sister used to babysit for her aunt and her aunt said that the home life was not good. The mother is blaming kids at school but it is hard to believe an 11 year old would commit suicide. My son is almost 10 and I can't imagine him evening knowing how to hang himself in a tree or take a bunch of pills. My prayers for the family.

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    How sad, it is hard to believe an 11 year old would do that, poor thing.

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    This is so sad. I can not imagine a 11 year doing this.

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    What could be so bad about an 11 year old's life that they'd want to end it?

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    I have a 12 yr old and can't even imagine what that family must be going through.

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    This is really sad I can't imagine an 11 year old killing themselves.

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    It happens.

    Where I volunteer, there are all sorts of teens and preteens with severe issues. Almost all is related to abuse.

    I have seen some catty extremely rude 11 year olds come through so I can just imagine what this girl went through in school.

    Her homelife sucked, school sucked and she was not emotionally sound to deal with any of it.

    So tragic.

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    This one raises questions for me. The mother believed her daughter took pills, then passed out in the yard? How did she get hanged then? And why would she hang herself in the yard? Why not inside the house?

    Strange and very very sad.

    Justice for Travis

    Sometimes the first step towards forgiveness is understanding that the other person is a complete idiot.

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    Yes, it happens. I read a book about kids and teens committing suicide, was sad. It's French though, I don't think it was translated to English, it's called "to die at ten". Well kids just need to have no friends and a life not necessarily great at home to think about dying. Loneliness is pretty hard on some people.

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    Sad but it happens

    We had a 9yo boy in our old neighborhood who committed suicide a couple years ago. Very sad and disturbing.

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    Its never to early to talk to our kids about these things is it? I have a 7 year old and cant imagine.

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    How sad..quite possible this young girl had the early stages of bi-polar disorder. How very very sad..

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    Oh wow. My little girl is 11 and I can't even for a second imagine her being so depressed she'd 'think' about suicide never mind actually 'trying' it AND being successful!!

    My heart hurts for what this little girl suffered, right to the end.


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    Quote Originally Posted by crash676 View Post
    How sad..quite possible this young girl had the early stages of bi-polar disorder. How very very sad..
    I thought of this too, crash. Newsweek recently had a cover story on a young boy with BPD - IIRC, he first tried to commit suicide at 8.

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    More mean girl chit! grrrr
    Will it EVER STOP??!@?!@??@??

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