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    Rescued Lions Enjoy New Home

    Bethlehem - The wide-eyed lion cub inched slowly to the edge of the wooden crate. He stared around him, then with a growl from the older cub behind him, he leapt out onto the grass.

    They were among nine cubs, along with an adult lion and a tiger, rescued from bleak Romanian zoos and released on Saturday into their new home - a sanctuary in Bethlehem that was once a notorious game lodge where lions were bred to be hunted.

    When another of the crates was opened, the cubs disappeared inside but came out again, rolling and playing with two other young lions.

    From the third and fourth crates came more frightened cubs who looked suspiciously around them, their bodies crouched low and ready to pounce.

    Sticking close to each other, the cubs sniffed the grass, the air and after a while began purring loudly, finally safe from harm.

    "It is wonderful to see these animals take their first steps on African soil," said Amir Khalil, director of Lionsrock, which was established by Austrian-based international animal welfare organisation Vier Pfoten (Four Paws).

    More at link:

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    That is wonderful. It would have been so lovely to hear them purr and watch them play. God bless them. Thank you Pandora fo sharing this story. It's made my day.

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    How beautiful.....wow!
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    This fantasticaly wonderful!

    but i have to say i am sorry this isn't referring to our own Lion's Run and her daughter as i misunderstood the heading to mean.

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