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    TX - Cainan Grocholski, 2 mos, found dead, Del Valle, 3 March 2008

    AUSTIN, Texas (KXAN) -- Three months after a boy was found dead at his Del Valle home, doctors reported finding cocaine in his system.
    Two-month-old Cainan Grocholski died March 3, but it has taken three months for charges to be filed, because investigators were waiting on lab results that showed the baby had cocaine in his system. The findings led to felony charges for his parents.
    Parents Jason Grocholski and Elizabeth Harris have been charged with child endangerment, but neither are in custody.
    When deputies arrived at the couple's Del Valle home in March, there was no saving the 2-month-old. Grocholski and Harris had called 911 and said their baby had stopped breathing.
    "There was nothing really suspicious about the death whatsoever," said Roger Wade, spokesman for the Travis County Sheriff's Office.
    Toxicology reports from the medical examiner's office showed trace amounts of cocaine in the baby's system when he died.


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    Oh that's horrible! Where did the parents go?

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    "We're not saying they caused the death of their child," Wade said. "There was nothing to indicate there was enough cocaine in the child's system to cause the death, and there was nothing to indicate the child was hurt in any way."

    WTF??? Nothing to indicate the child was hurt? How about the cocaine in his system, dumbass???

    Are they going to go with the theory that small amounts of cocaine are safe for a 2 month old infant?


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    Do they believe the mother was using it and it passed to the baby while being breast fed?

    How sure are we that the lab tests are accurate?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Linda7NJ View Post
    Do they believe the mother was using it and it passed to the baby while being breast fed?

    How sure are we that the lab tests are accurate?
    This was my first thought Linda. Maybe a young mother that doesn't understand the baby eats everything she eats, smokes, drinks. At two months old - there doesn't seem to be any reason whatsoever to try to give the baby cocaine. What purpose would it serve? It is not likely to make the baby be quiet and go to sleep....

    Very sad case.


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    This is a different case but a baby died from sucking on his father's cocaine tainted fingers:

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    This couple had a 2 year old child removed from their home. They tested positive for cocaine even after their baby died and other baby was taken from them.

    It doesn't explain how the baby got the drugs in the sysytem, but I found this link interesting.


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