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    Pricing items for sale ?

    On bigger ticket items, how should I go about looking for an asking price? I have an 02 used Britax Marathon car seat I would like to sell. They retail for 298 or so, and mine is in good-fair condition, in that the seat cover, black, is faded at the top from the sun. The seat covers are 45 or so new, or ebay asking prices are 45 or so plus about 45 for shipping. I am planning on selling local via craigs list or a freecycle style group which also has "for sale and garage sale" ads.

    I was thinking of asking 50, but not sure if that is too low? I'd really like to get rid of it. While it is a little older as an 02, it has never been in an accident.

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    I think about $50 is the right price for it. (I've bought a bunch of baby stuff on Craigslist). Think of it as $50 in your pocket and a way to save the other person the cost of shipping. It is a win win.

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