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    Oh Captain, My Captain

    Why Not???

    This is a link to a story regarding Japan's newest sex industry-it does NOT include salacious pictures or obscene material I hasten to say, but all I can say is you go, folks!!!

    The newest industry is Elder porn:

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    Apr 2005
    Very cool!

    Next time my own mom whines about her budget I'll tell her to pack her bags and move to Japan!

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    Dec 2007
    The article says his wife and child dont know that he does the porn though and if I was his wife I wouldnt be too impressed. Its a wonder she hasnt found out from someone yet.....I'd fricking kill him!

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    I'm all for older women and men being accepted into any industry, but the incest theme they're going for sounds just yucky. Old father in law with younger daughter in law. I don't think old folk porn would go over very well here.

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    Um. . . eww. That link made my acid reflux flare up.

    New nicknames would have to be in order. You couldn't just call a woman a "cougar", could you? Saber-toothed tiger? As for the man. . . .

    Nevermind. Think I need to go get a Tums or a Pepcid or something. . . . .