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    Mississippi River threatens more Midwest levees

    About 11 levees have been breached in the St. Louis area since the flooding began, Officer Alan Dooly of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers-St. Louis District said.

    *snip* more at link

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    I have so much family all up and down this river, thankfully no one in my family has had any flooding issues yet but I can see it coming

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    I too have family and friends all up and down the river. My hometown was flooded back in the spring because of levee breaks and they are scared it will happen again.

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    Its so sad to watch people have homes flooded with no flood insurance. We have had flooding in our yard when our creek rose but it never went to the house thankfully.

    A town where we were planning on moving too last year flooded in the last few weeks and Im so thankful that we changed our minds on it.

    My parents are leaving for vacation this morning down to alabama so they should miss most of the flooding but they planned on coming back up through Missouri on the way back but with the flooding they will probably have to bypass it.

    My dad's hometown has a levee and a few neighboring communitites as well in Missouri. His hometown has so many low income people I dont know how they would have the money to rebuild if it was needed.

    We have around 12 sets of families on my dad's side that are in st louis.

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