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    FL - Woman said Pimp wouldn't let her pick up 1yr old

    A woman called police early Saturday, saying her pimp wouldn't let her pick up her 1-year-old son.
    She told officers she had allowed Odonga Kenya Rush, 47, to babysit her son while she worked, an arrest report states. She was planning to pick up her son at 6 p.m. Friday. But through phone calls and text messages, Rush told the woman she had to "work for him" and get him $300 or she could not have the child back, the report states.
    Tampa police went to Rush's house on Mulberry Road, but he hid for almost two hours

    Pick of Pimp @ link... It never ends does it.

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    This woman!
    Allowing a pimp to watch your child just seems like a bad idea in general!

    At least she did call the police and she did not leave the child alone.

    Its just so sad that childcare is not available to the poorest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pixies View Post
    This woman!
    Allowing a pimp to watch your child just seems like a bad idea in general!
    I agree it's a really bad idea, but then he held the child basically for ransom. 300$ for a babysitter is a lot. As bad as it sounds I'm glad this ended this way. Maybe she will get the help she needs. Plus I hate to think of what he would have done with the child had she been arrested.

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    why interferance with child custody - not kidnapping?!?!

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    Dayum. I wouldn't want to tangle with Odonga Rush.

    Really bad move on this ladieys part, but actually it's pretty brave of her that she called the cops. That's her own pimp. For her to have called LE is huge. I'm not excusing her, but yeah she took a gamble there. Now what happens after he gets out?

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