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    Smile PA - Shot Police Officer Still Collars Suspect

    Officer Mark Uffleman (52) was shot in the left elbow pierced and bleeding from a .38 caliber slug. You think he was going to let that robber get away? Nope.

    Uffleman a Philadelphia Police Officer corraled the suspect within seconds while his partner Officer Dave McAndrews (35) got the other suspect who was armed with a 9mm handgun. Rakin Thabit and Jonathan Matthews are two ex-cons from Camden. While doing undercover duty looking for the killer of the recently murdered, aspiring teacher Beua Zabel (23) the Officers witnessed the two criminals have a man on the ground and saw at least one gun held to the man's neck. I saw this poor guy on TV and he said at one point he had two guns against his body. He was so thankful to the police officers he was weeping. Thank goodness for the two fine Philly cops that did such a good job.


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    nice to hear a story with a good ending

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