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    12 Yr Old Stabbed For Erasing A MySpace Comment

    I'm so glad she will be okay.

    A 12-year-old girl in New Jersey was brutally attacked by her uncle's 18-year-old girlfriend Wednesday in a squabble over a MySpace page, the Newark Star-Ledger reported.
    Police said Stephanie Torres was irate after finding the girl erasing a comment from the 18-year-old's MySpace page and stabbed the child three times with an inch-long folding knife hanging from her keychain, the Newark Star-Ledger reported.
    The girl had wounds to her neck, arm and rib. She was listed in stable condition.
    "I saw everything soaked with blood," the girl's grandmother, Luz Benitez, 61, told the Star-Ledger. "I don't understand how such an ugly thing could have happened." more: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,372165,00.html

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    Wow! How sick is that!! People seem to be flipping out over absolutely nothing these days....thats just crazy

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    She had been arrested before for assualt....hmm, she sounds just lovely.
    I hope she is charged with attempted murder and is sent away for a very very long time.
    Stupid cow.

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    Ditto Pixies.

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    LOL pixies...the stupid cow bit made me laugh

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