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    ID - Two Men And Woman Prostitute Girl On Craigslist

    Idaho. Perversion is everywhere and nobody is safe from evil people preying on kids.

    Thank goodness someone called LE and said they saw evidence of a girl under 16 in photographs that were pornographic. Those photographs belonged to Doug Winberry. A check of his home turned up he and his cohorts were having sex with the underage girl plus posting her for prostitution on Craigslist. Trying to sell this poor girl.

    Checks of another man's home and a woman's showed both were involved. The ages of these people made me go "Hmmmm" and more on that later.

    Arrested are of course Doug Winberry aged 50. Colby Watson aged 36, and Lindsey McKehan aged 23. How these three were hooked up is beyond me, but Winberry hurts young girls. Oh BTW chicken poop Winberry took flight to another State when he saw cops all around. What a prize.


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    A quick search of LOSERberry shows this adoption form. The birthmother of a son who she birthed by Winberry in 1981 shows the poor chick was 15 when she gave birth and Wiberry was 23.

    This guy's a real POS. He's been doing this to young girls for years.


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    this is so sick

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    I searched craigslist for a video game thingie for my son and found one in good condition that was really cheap. So I emailed to see if it was available. Since I was interested in it (after the 1st email w/more details about the game), I sent another asking if we could meet somewhere (like a mall, etc) so I could look at it. The seller writes back (and I quote) "I cant really meet anywhere except my house because im 15 and i cant drive."

    So if I were a perv...guess where I'd be heading?! I never wrote back. I think her parents might be peeved if she sold that thing for the price she wanted. Plus I'm not about to be plastered all over Dateline for meeting up with a 15 yr old girl! LOL

    You know I googled her and she's even advertising on CL for a babysitting job. States her age and everything. That just shouldn't be allowed (minors). Think her parents know? Think they care? I wonder. That could go either way.

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    It's been over a year now that 19 yo California college student Donna Jou met a guy through Craig's List. She had advertised to do math tutoring.

    She rode away with Burgess last June and has never been seen again.

    He's now serving time in a California jail for not registering as a sex offender, for a prior incident.

    The POI said he knows information about Donna, but refused to tell LE because he wanted a plea deal and the Orange County Pros office refused.

    It's scary what lurks behind those computer screens.


    PS......this case is very sad. I hope they can help that poor girl. I'm glad these people were caught!...fran

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    They got the guy in WA. Million bucks for bail. I hope he frys! The poor girl is saying it was "consensual" even though she is under the age for consent. That really makes my heart hurt. She has to be less than 16 years old. These creeps took total advantage of her, manipulated her self-esteem, and made her think that she was "consenting." Scum, Scum, Scum.


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