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    VT - Perry Matheson, 51, Barre, 30 Sept 1993

    The link;


    Due to copyright policy, nothing can be posted, so please see the link for info.

    He was just now added to that link, he has been missing since 1993....

    There really needs to be a better way of making the public aware of missing persons.


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    Thank you dark_shadows for posting Perry's link.

    I agree with you about a better way to get information out about missing persons. And I have to say it absolutely angers me when a missing person's information is under copyright laws.

    Wonder why they waited so long to add him?

    Thank you again, dark_shadows

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    VT - Perry Matheson, 51, Barre, 30 Sept 1993

    Perry Grant Matheson, reported missing by his brother in Vermont in 93 When he left he was distraught about his mother being ill. They found his car burned up but no sign of Perry. The only photo I can find is really bad, I did some modification to try to clear him up some, the one where I turned him blue, I was trying to get a more defined image of the contour of his nose. Also, Perry is 5'11' (match) blue eyes (match). Perry was 66 in 2008. I only played with the color on the photo, I kept the proportions and everything else as was..didn't want to distort him into looking different than he is.

    doenetwork: http://www.doenetwork.org/cases/3840dmvt.html
    Vermont State Police: http://www.dps.state.vt.us/vtsp/missing/matheson.html

    Here's my handiwork on the photos:

    Attachment 3079Attachment 3080Attachment 3081

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    I think you did a great job with the photos!

    To me, the candidates nose is too bulbous on the end and the width of his jaw is too narrow...but there is not a whole lot of information about distinguishing charecteristics like scarring etc...
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    What keeps catching my eye with Matheson is the furrow lines between the eyes, the small space between the eyes, and the contour route the nose takes. I emailed the detective in charge beg beg begging for a better photo of Mr. Matheson but wasn't able to get it done until today. The only thing that doesn't ring right with Matheson is that Ben definitely has a "midwestern accent". He sounds like we do around here, and I am a (St. Louis area) Missouri girl. Judging from his voice I'd swear he's from Missouri, lower portion of Illinois, Indiana....

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    I think he resembles Ben a lot in face shape and eye/nose match up. The right ear is similar, can't see the left ear.
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    Charley Project webpage was last updated on August 29, 2008.

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    There's some more info and a picture of Perry on this thread:

    "Perry Grant Matheson, reported missing by his brother in Vermont in 93 When he left he was distraught about his mother being ill. They found his car burned up but no sign of Perry."
    He is 5'7" with blue eyes.

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