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    Australia - Jean, 52, Kevin, 7, & Jaime Walsh, 5, murdered, Cowra, NSW, 30 June 2008

    Police are hunting an elderly man after a vicious home ax attack in an Australian town that seriously wounded a female police officer and left her mother and two young children dead.
    Police are seeking to question John Walsh, the father of wounded Senior Constable Shelly Walsh, The Daily Telegraph reported.
    Shelly Walsh is in a serious but stable condition for at Orange Base Hospital. Her two children, a 7-year-old boy and 5-year-old girl, and her mother, Mabel, were killed in the attack inside her home at Cowra.
    It is feared John Walsh, in his late 70s, is heading to the Newcastle area and may commit more violence.


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    Very sad, I cannot understand a grandfather killing his wife, grandchildren and injuring his daughter with an axe, totally gobsmacked.

    They have found the suspect, thankfully he wasnt found heading towards Newcastle, I live only an hour away. More at link.

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    An axe. The brutallity is just overwhelming. An axe.

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    Oh man, just when you think you cannot be shocked.
    I wonder if he sufferes from dementia? Not that it would excuse him from his acts.

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    OMG, you KNOW they suffered horribly!! One cut with an axe wouldn't kill,most likely. They were hacked to death.
    I hope he is punished to the full extent of the law- I don't care if it turns out he's terminally ill or has senile dementia or what.

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    I always think that I cannot be shocked anymore than I have been by the brutality I read on here day after day, but I was wrong. God bless that poor woman. I hope she is able to heal physically and emotionally and that grandpa is punished to the max!

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    Just heart rendering that he would do this to his wife, his grandkids and daughter. Glad atleast the daughter survived to call it in so he couldn't harm anyone else. I wonder where he was headed next?

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    please tell me there was mental illness present in this old man! My gosh..the strength you need to wack a stationary object like cutting wood let alone people. Wow... I hope they catch him soon!

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    From November 2011:


    On a recent visit to the south coast, Ms Walsh said she also wants to spread the word about the signs of depression and the importance of seeking treatment.

    “My father was never violent until that terrible day, but was always a controlling and powerful figure who was never questioned by the family,” she said. “The thought of approaching him about the fact that he needed help was too hard. He would have become extremely angry at us for suggesting that he wasn’t perfect, so we let it go. And look what happened"...

    As her father John Walsh serves two life sentences in prison for the murder of his grandchildren and a combined 46 years for crimes against Ms Walsh and her Mum, Ms Walsh is also campaigning for change within the police force to give more support to victims.

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