A jealous husband strangled his businesswoman wife after she refused to end an affair and offered him £40,000 to leave and start a new life.
Craig Bidgway, 38, murdered his wife Danielle in their marital bed before trying to kill their two-year-old son.
Mrs Bidgway, 32, had been having an affair with a former boyfriend and often spent nights away from the family home after putting her two children to bed.
Moments before she died, Mrs Bidgway had offered her husband £40,000 (79,591.69 USD) to leave and 'meet someone else' at which point her husband strangled her before having sex with her dead body.
The father-of-two then tried to suffocate his sleeping son William, but stopped when the boy woke up, and instead tried to kill himself.


Shame he didn't try to kill himself first.

He finally telephoned his mother who arrived then she called the police. why doesn't it surprise me he called his mother to sort things out for him?

Bidgway, who sobbed throughout the six-day trial admitted manslaughter but denied murder claiming he was provoked into killing his wife.
this annoys me greatly:

Bidgway was told he will serve at least 14 years before he is eligible for parole.
why should he ever get the chance of parole?