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    CA - Cathedral City, HispMale 463UMCA, 25-40, In Riverwash Wrapped in Bedding, Oct'02

    I think this is a possible rather than a real strong match so maybe I'm going out on a limb here with my first post - please tear me apart if you feel the need.

    Timmy Gene Thompson and this John Doe

    Plus points:

    1. Some facial similarity;

    2. Age - Doe is 20-40 and appears at the higher end of that range from the sketch, Thomspon is 37;

    3. Height - exact match;

    4. Weight - At 200lbs, Doe is 10 lbs heavier than the upper range for Thompson and "stockily built" as Thompson appears to be. It is not clear whether this weight is estimated or measured;

    5. Location - The Doe was found off the route that Thompson would have traveled. He is believed to have camped 3 miles east of where his vehicle was found (he was heading east on a camping trip). Doe was found along the route between Thompson's home and the campsite.

    A represents Thompson's residence; B the approximate location where his car was found; and C the location where the John Doe was found.

    6. Time frame - John Doe was found approximately two months after Thompson's disappearance; this could of course be a negative depending on state of decompostion although clothes were found with the body.


    1. Tattoo - Thompson had a bear tattoo on his back. Doe has "no tattoos noted to his body," which is nearly but not quite the same as saying that he has no tattoos, but does suggest that he had none.

    2. Race - Doe is "believed to be Hispanic." Thompson is a tanned Caucasian with dark hair and eyes and IMO relatively high cheekbones.

    3. Time frame - a specific weight is given for Doe, which suggests that his may have been a recent death, whereas if the Doe is Thompson it is more likely that he would have died within a short time after his disappearance.

    4. Clothing - Doe was found in a blue and white shirt; Thompson left wearing a brown shirt. However it is believed that Thompson set up a camp after leaving his disabled vehicle and being on a camping trip would have had a change of clothing, so it is not a stretch to imagine him having had the chance to change his clothes before his demise.

    So what do you all think?
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    I think go for it. BTW - Well done! They look like twins. If John Doe isn't Timmy at least the investigators will be able to rule out that possible match.

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    I am real reluctant to call it in because I am based in the United Kingdom and I'm not sure how well I'd be received by local LE - plus I've never done anything like this before.

    I just wish we had the state of decomposition of the John Doe so that we could get closer to ruling a match in or out.

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    what about the tattoo? Doe has none.

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    Well actually it says "none noted." I think the likelihood is that this means that there was none (and therefore no match) but if the body were partially decomposed so that the skin didn't reveal any tattoo, or fully and the estimate of the man's weight were based on his bones and the clothing found with him (and not on a fresh corpse) then that wouldn't preclude a match.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cymro View Post
    Well actually it says "none noted." I think the likelihood is that this means that there was none (and therefore no match) but if the body were partially decomposed so that the skin didn't reveal any tattoo, or fully the estimate of the man's weight were based on his bones and the clothing found with him (and not on a fresh corpse) then that wouldn't preclude a match.
    Hi Cymro, and welcome to WS !! Good work on this !! I think this is a possible here, and would certainly encourage someone to turn it in. If noone else wants to, I'll make the call next week. Since no date of death is noted, only the date found, I'm not certain of the state of the remains, so like you, am uncertain if a tattoo would be found or not. Everything else is certainly a good match though !!

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    I was disappointed to find on the sheriff's department site that they don't have dentals for Timmy Thompson because they have full dentals on Doe. I wonder if they have fingerprints and if they've checked those?

    I think if it is Timmy, it will all hinge on whether or not Doe was too decomposed to see if there were tats on him.

    I am also wondering something about Timmy. It says he wasn't depressed, but it also said he had just quit his job a few days before taking off. Unless he was looking forward to a new opportunity, I can't see why it would be mentioned unless maybe there was something to it -- like he had been in a conflict at work and maybe they suspect foul play?

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    Okay, after two years, this is completely shameless bumping and a lucky find I had way back when.

    As this is a San Bernadino County misper, is this a case for David Van Norman? Would anyone be so kind as to raise it with him?
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    The link to the UID is gone but I expect this is him:


    Strangely, the stats given on the three sites are all different.

    Doe Network:
    # Estimated age: 25 - 40 years old
    # Approximate Height and Weight: 5'9"; 200 lbs.

    The Sheriff :
    Estimated Age: 40-50 Years of age
    Height / Weight: Approx. 5'5" and 138 lbs.


    Minimum age 40 years
    Maximum age 50 years
    Weight (pounds) 138, Estimated
    Height (inches) 55, Measured

    That's about 4ft7.

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    Was this ever submitted?

    Anyone wish to submit and see if Timmy has been ruled out as this UID?


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    I looked at the Namus page for the UID and the estimated interval of death to discovery was one day. there is no way the UID's skin would degenerate in one day as to eliminate a bear tattoo on his back.

    based on that I do not see how this UID could be Timmy Thompson.

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    All in all, and after some PM discussion with CarlK92405 I now think this is unlikely to be a match. I never submitted it.

    While one day's decomp could never hide a tattoo like Timmy's, it wouldn't account for the discrepancies in height, weight, etc., reported by the various LE agencies either, so if someone else wants to run with it, I'd not quite rule it out.

    Carl's points were

    Quote Originally Posted by Carlk92405

    (1) TGT doesn't appear to me have any hispanic ethnicity, nor is his hairstyle combed straight back, as many urban hispanics do.

    (2) The distance (70 miles from B to C), while not too far to walk under normal conditions, it is too far in the middle of August with very little water in an area that is extremely dry and hot in the summertime. He would never had made it that far.

    (3) The John Doe was said to be murdered and dumped in the location that he was found. If TGT was confronted in the desert by a killer, the killer would not need to transport his body 70 miles away. He could easily leave his body right were he killed him without fear of being witnessed.

    (4) If he was wandering around in the desert, he probably wouldn't be changing his clothes.
    My responses:
    Quote Originally Posted by Cymro

    1. Not something I'd noticed but you're waaay more famiilar than I;

    2. I would agree with that - I've been in the desert, 20 miles from a gas station with 0 miles on the fuel computer - but I did wonder if he'd been attacked for his wallet and cards he could have been taken into a town and then killed and dumped;

    3. See 2. [added today: i.e., there are no ATMs in the desert]

    4. Wandering maybe not, but if he was camping and then somehow came to harm, I don't think that'd be ruled out.
    However if the postmortem interval is confirmed as one day with the Doe, it's a clear no-match.

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