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    Return of the stolen foal

    Blueberry Muffin with Libby

    Guilt-wracked thieves return tiny foal after owner's emotional plea

    A tiny 15-week-old foal is back with his mother a week after he was stolen, after thieves had a change of heart and returned him.

The miniature colt - too young to survive without its mother's milk - was snatched from the home of small holder Libby Braithwaite, 55, in a night-time raid last week.

Libby made an emotional plea and pint-sized Blueberry Muffin - who would not have survived the week - was returned to his mother in the field at Monkton Deverill, Wilts.

    I can't believe they were 'Guilt-wracked thieves'! although i'll bet it was someone they know.

    so happy to see Blueberry Muffin is home with his mummy!

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    Beautiful ending!

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