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    FL - Father tapes 3 year old son down to beat him

    Absolutely no reason for this:


    Why do people have to do this??????????
    Tammie in Miami

    Vini, Vidi, Velcro - I came, I saw, I stuck around

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    I hear ya, Luzer!

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    I'm glad they charged the wife with something too.

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    Sick and twisted SOB! He beat the child in the face with a paint stirrer??? After he taped him down?

    I'd like to beat this fool in his face with a bat!

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    These people are the reason I just can't go into LE!!! I have been out of the loop lately, and on a much needed vacation. Sometimes, you just have to take a little break from this stuff, or else you become the subject of a thread!! lol Anyway, This case is just beyond comprension because the alleged sperm donor was thrashing the child with the paint stick, while the mother watched. WTF??? Honestly....and I can say this with one million percent certainty.....if I were a Mother that saw someone beating my child, I would without a doubt face a jury for murder of HIM!!! Absolutely No Way, No HoW!!! WTF???

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    I despair so much over stories like this. I cannot for the life of me imagine seeing someone writhing in pain and to keep on hitting them....its just pure evil. Children cannot defend themselves against the might of adults and stories like this make my heart RAGE

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