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    UK - Man stabs girlfriend one day after being released to ease prison "overcrowding"

    This is happening WAY too often here. Stabbings are gone way out of control over here. All week we have had programs on tv discussing knife crimes as so many people have died here this year alone, some of them for the most STUPID of reasons. The ****S have taken over the asylum
    Here are more links...this poor lady had just lost twins but was stabbed by another woman

    My own nephew was stabbed several years ago when just a lad in the lung. They showed images last night on tv here of lads in my city brandishing huge swords and hammers and everything. These lads were saying they would rather rob someone of their mobile phone than go out to work for it and all sorts of other crazy stuff. Its truly frightening

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    Some people don't belong out of prison, so over crowding has to be handled some other way.
    Releasing dangrous criminals just doen't work.

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