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    LA - Woman tried to kill husband twice!! Lake Charles

    "Fifty-year-old Lynette Blow of Greenwood was booked this morning on charges of solicitation of murder. Bond was set at $1 million.
    Blow's husband, Michael was shot July 14th when he and his wife returned home from an outing. He survived. That case, however, remains under investigation. The charges filed today do not involve that shooting"

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    Sheesh, neither guy went to LE either? I wonder how she got caught?

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    My guess would be the money she paid them - large withdrawals are
    required by law to be reported .

    Particularily if you are an older woman - the bank tries and cover its ass
    from liability . Also just to make sure you arent being scammed.

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    Not to make light of this serious crime but my husband walked in the office while I was reading that and said "Note to self: Watch out for wife" and turned around and left.


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    He must have good life insurance or some money somewhere--because she definitely wanted him dead..glad she is arrested and hope he fully recovers from the July shooting.

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