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    Unhappy Dog Euthanized for chewing off owner's toe

    Dachshund Chews Off Owner's Toe

    Posted: 2008-07-05 07:58:14
    Filed Under: Nation News, Weird News
    ALTON, Ill. (July 4) -- An Illinois woman says her beloved miniature dachshund gnawed off her right big toe while she was asleep. Linda Floyd told the Alton Telegraph for a story Wednesday that her beloved Roscoe was euthanized because of safety concerns.

    More: http://news.aol.com/story/_a/dachshu...05075409990001

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    "The 56-year-old says she has no feeling in her toes because of nerve damage from diabetes.
    A veterinarian says the toe had been bandaged because of a healing hangnail. That might have somehow attracted the dog.

    so this is the dog's fault why? I don't think I would have euthanized the dog, JMO

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    I wonder if she used some type of salve. . . .It sounds weird, but our cat goes absolutely bananas if we use Porter's Salve. We've always used it and we've always had cats, but for some reason, Miss Pandora just seems to go bonkers when she smells it and will chew and chew. (Now if we use it, we close her out of the bedroom at night and carefully wash it off before getting near her.)

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    I totally understand why they had to kill the dog. HE ATE HER TOE!

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    something hinky about this. not sure what, but seems to me she would have felt the doggy pulling on her leg? ya know, the toe bone connected to the foot bone, foot bone connected to the leg bone.

    and seems unfair to kill a dog for this, but poor thing is probably better off at the rainbow bridge. beloved? not hardly...

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