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    The Process to Follow Going Forward.

    This tread is to be directed specifically at actions that are appropriate moving forward. Please don't post any hind sight or what should have or shouldn't have happened posts.

    Please post ideas on what can be done by CPS, LE, the FLDS, the government, etc. moving forward. I want everything to have an objective - not just to do xyz out of spite.

    • What needs to be accomplished moving forward?
    • What do you suggest be done moving forward and by whom?
    • Why do you make those suggestions?
    A who, what, when, where, why, how format may be good.

    Let's solve problems by working for solutions together instead of fighting over not liking how things were handled! Please keep everything focused on solutions moving forward. Thanks,

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    Thank you so much for this thread Rainbows! I think it's a great idea and I will be thinking about some possible solutions for the future regarding the FLDS.

    At this moment, I am at a loss as to good solutions. I hope someone else has thought of a way to bring about change where needed while leaving the basic religion alone.

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    Thanks SewingDeb for your comments. I think this is what this board needs. Solutions!

    I too am not sure of the solutions, but I am willing to listen to what people have to say. I'll put my mind to thinking of solutions too.

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    The only solution I have come up with is to disband the FLDS compounds. That doesn't seem like a very constitutional solution. There are lots of communities where the control etc is mitigated by the people living as FLDS members in the "real" world. I don't have as many issues with those groups of FLDS.

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    Regarding what needs to be accomplished:
    *Definite state Dept. of Education oversight on the schools, with testing in the same manner as NCLB, so that people leaving have the mental tools to function.
    *Periodic visits by the CPS, just as any household that has had contact with CPS would have.
    *Public health enforcement of laws regarding vaccination and milk pasteurization, to ensure that there are no disease outbreaks more severe than the chickenpox outbreak. This is to protect them and the public.
    *Suspending the license of the onsite doctor, and requiring a licensed medical doctor or medical examiner to perform autopsies on each death on anyone under age 65, before signing a death certificate prior to burial.
    *Also, I'd like to see genetic studies done on the group to understand the effects of this "breeding program." I realize I'm more likely to inherit the throne of England than to see this.

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    Law suit! (Just kidding)

    But the UEP Trust just might not be. Here's an article about the Trust asking for access to some YFZ details unearthed by Texas.


    Texas prosecutors were served with subpoenas in May, seeking evidence seized in the raid on the YFZ Ranch. Wisan is seeking information on who financed the ranch and the FLDS Church's first-ever temple. Most recently, the FLDS Church's former law firm was served with subpoenas for documents. In 2005, a Utah court took control of the UEP Trust amid allegations that Jeffs and other FLDS leaders had been mismanaging it. A judge in Salt Lake City's 3rd District Court appointed Wisan as special fiduciary. Since then, he has been trying to enact court-ordered reforms to the UEP, including subdividing property in the FLDS enclaves of Hildale, Utah, and Colorado City, Ariz.

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    Peculiar Petunia,

    I like your list. Good suggestions.

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