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    Beauty Salon bans Disabled Girls who "scared the customers"

    This story is disgusting. How humiliating this must have been for these girls
    Rest in Peace Baby P xx

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    The link no longer works but how disgraceful! If people find the sight of a disable person scary then they should stay home if they are that precious.

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    Sorry Kiki...I have no idea how to fix the link either. I dont think I am allowed to paste the whole article here so I will try pasting the relevant parts.


    Three disabled teenagers sent out of a beauty salon for 'scaring off other customers' have won 4,500 in compensation.
    Amy Fox, 19, Aruna Gill, 17, and Jemimah Kumba, 14, were accompanied by two carers when they went to the salon to get their nails painted.
    Aruna and Jemimah, who suffers from cerebral palsy and epilepsy, both use wheelchairs and a female employee was said to have told the girls: 'This is my shop. There isn't enough room for the pushchairs.'
    The teenagers alleged that the Visage Hair and Beauty salon in Southall, West London, refused to serve them and they brought a claim under goods and services disability discrimination. The salon settled out of court.....


    Their solicitor Claire Dawson said the friends were told by a member of staff that they were 'scaring off other customers'.
    Miss Dawson added: 'The girls just wanted to be treated like ordinary teenagers, and it is a sad reflection on our society that prejudice got in the way.
    'They were treated in an appalling manner and I hope that by successfully taking action, other disabled people that have suffered discrimination realise they are not alone and the law is there to protect them.'
    Last night Amy, who has learning difficulties, told how she and her friends had been asked to leave the salon and said they had been extremely upset by what happened.
    'Me and my two friends went in there to get our nails painted,' she added.
    'My two friends are in wheelchairs, but I'm not, and they wouldn't serve us.'
    The 19-year-old said: 'I thought it was very unfair and it was not very nice of them to do that to us.
    'They told us that we couldn't get it done.'
    Salon owner Parmail Kaur denied the allegations, but chose to settle the case out of court.

    I hope I have not broken any TOS doing it this way?
    Rest in Peace Baby P xx

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    Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth. Buddha
    No worries my dear. You have not broken TOS. If Adnoid comes in and flogs you I will beat him severely

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    Thankyou Tricia, I am still in Learner Mode
    Rest in Peace Baby P xx

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