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    FL - Pasco Co., Box of bones kept by deceased individual, Jul'08

    Wow they are finding lots of bones on the West Coast of Fla past couple weeks, here's another one.

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    By GEOFF FOX | The Tampa Tribune

    Published: July 4, 2008

    HUDSON - A box containing what appeared to be human remains was found Friday in a storage shed at 13029 Buoy Court, the Pasco County Sheriff's Office said.

    The sheriff's office was called around noon by the family of Otto Ullrich, who died last year, sheriff's spokesman Doug Tobin said. He said Ullrich lived in New Jersey and Pasco, but that the Buoy Court property was not Ullrich's primary residence.

    Tobin said the bones were found in a box that appeared to have been at the residence for "a considerable amount of time."
    Discussion and quotes of links that don't load for me here:

    Apparently Otto Ullrich died in his eighties and was something of an eccentric, a loner/miser/hoarder/scavenger/collector who was not known to be violent and might possibly have found the bones somewhere and brought them home and kept them. There were no obvious missing person cases connected with him.

    I didn't find information about the bones being identified but they're not listed in Namus or DN.

    On Friday, nephews of Otto Ullrich made the surprising find as they cleaned out a shed at 13029 Buoy Court in Hudson. Ullrich — who was not poor but lived as though he was by doing such things as bathing in a canal behind his home and bicycling miles to find scrap metal — died last year at 81. His nephews inherited his properties.

    The medical examiner's office is working to determine whether there is more than one set of human remains, their age and their gender. Tobin said none of Ullrich's close relatives are missing, which would be one sign of foul play. The bones, he said, could be 100 years old. "We don't know at this point," he said. "It's still a mystery."

    The box was very old, Tobin said, as indicated by writing on the box and newspapers found inside. They date from 1972 to 1993.

    The Sheriff's Office declined to reveal details about the remains. The medical examiner will determine all that, and if possible, a cause of death.

    But deputies are running down the possibilities. There are no missing relatives or neighbors, Tobin said.

    And they're checking to make sure Ullrich's two deceased wives are buried where they're supposed to be.

    Cadaver dogs searched Ullrich's primary residence at 7810 Gulf Highlands Drive but found nothing, said deputies.

    Both properties are unoccupied.

    Neighbors said Ullrich was never violent. Records show he was never arrested in Florida.

    The Sheriff's Office won't call it foul play and won't even call it a crime scene — despite all the yellow tape.

    All deputies have is a mystery.

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