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    Nintendo Wii "Beer Pong" game causes stir


    JV Games has cleaned up its new Nintendo Wii version of the college drinking game "Beer Pong" by removing references to booze and renaming the title, but authorities and mental health experts fear that it will only reinforce an alcohol culture on teens.

    "Pong Toss," as its now called, still gives gamers the ability to practice the tossing skills required for Beer Pong, a popular drinking game involving ping pong balls aimed into cups of beer. Beer-guzzling is the goal of the real Beer Pong game in many college settings.
    I love beer pong.

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    I read this yesterday but didnt even know what Beer Pong was
    Rest in Peace Baby P xx

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    The only way this would encourage drinking in teens is if Parents let their teens buy it!

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    The only way that this would encourage drinking is if the players get a beer every time that the ping pong ball gets into a cup.

    The way it is now, no references is made to beer, parties etc.

    You try to get a ping pong ball into a cup and then you score points.

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