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    SoCal Tagger Arrested For Spray Painting Boy

    A 15 year old boy has been arrested and charged with assault with a caustic chemical, kidnapping and felony vandalism for the June 25 crime of spray painting a little 6 year old boy.

    Two Taggers were spotted by the boy so they grabbed him and one held him down as the other one spray painted his face and body. This poor child was burned especially in his eyes. The second suspect is still at large.


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    "This definitely shocks the consciousness and is out of the ordinary, even in the gang culture," Hellmold said. "It makes no sense to the normal human being."
    What a lame statement!
    How is this out of line in a gang culture where they shoot and kill children randomly all the time? I think it fits right in with the ghetto trash that refuse to help themselves and thrive in the murdering and drugs that they "want stopped" yet refuse to do anything to stop it.

    I feel really bad for this little boy. It makes me sick!

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    This is similar to a case we had here recently where one girl threw acid into another girl's face telling her she now wouldnt be pretty anymore. It was all over a boy and the girl doing the throwing had a baby in a buggy with her.
    Rest in Peace Baby P xx

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