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    NY - Outrage Over Serbian Student's Alleged Upstate Attack

    Over the past week, American officials have questioned why a Serbian student at Binghamton University was allowed to flee the country while he was charged with beating another student into a coma. Today, the Serbian Consul General Slobodan Nenedovic tells the Post, "I will think about resigning, absolutely."
    On May 4, Miladin Kovacevic (pictured), a basketball player at 6' 9" and 260 pounds, allegedly beat up Bryan Steinhauer (5'6" and 135 pounds), thinking Steinhauer groped a friend's girlfriend at a bar. Though the girlfriend said she wasn't touched, Kovacevic reportedly attacked and Steinhauer, a Brooklyn resident, suffered shattered cheeks and a fractured skull and remains in critical condition.
    Serbian vice consul general Igor Milosevic put up $100,000 cash bail (upstate law enforcement says they thought it was a big amount for upstate) for Kovacevic in early June, and the 20-year-old fled the country with an emergency passport, since he had already surrendered his regular one. Senator Charles Schumer has asked that Kovacevic be extradited, noting the U.S.'s extradition treaty with Serbia and how the "federal law enforcement must now step in and do everything in its power to bring justice to the Steinhauer family as quickly as possible."


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    Serbian suspect makes first public comments in beating of student
    The massive Serbian fugitive accused of beating a college classmate into a coma has broken his silence to defiantly declare his innocence and insist he will not return to the United States.
    "I know I am not guilty and I will prove that in front of a Serbian judge," Miladin Kovacevic, 21, told a Serbian newspaper in an interview published Thursday. "I don't believe in the American legal system anymore."
    Kovacevic, charged with pummeling Binghamton University student Bryan Steinhauer, 22, at a bar May 4, remains in hiding in his homeland.
    The 6-foot-9, 280-pound basketball player told the Gazeta newspaper he is living in fear - and is especially worried about the safety of his younger sister, who has been receiving anonymous death threats.
    "I'm sincerely worried about the security of my younger sister and of my family," Kovacevic said. "Please understand that I can't tell you more for good reasons. I admit I'm in shock and I'm even afraid of the things I cannot see."
    Tensions between the U.S. and Serbia have been escalating since Kovacevic fled the country from Newark Airport on June 9 with an illegal passport.


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    No bail for other suspects in Serb beating case

    Two Bosnian nationals accused in the near-fatal barroom beating of an upstate New York college student will stay in jail for the time being.
    Broome County Court Judge Martin Smith wants more information before deciding whether to set bail for 21-year-old Sanel Softic (SAH'-nel SAHF-teech) and 24-year-old Edin Dzubur (EH'-deen JOO'-boor).
    They face felony counts of assault and gang assault in connection with the May 4 attack on Binghamton University student Bryan Steinhauer, who remains in a coma.


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    Serb **** 'depressed'

    The Serbian college student accused of stomping a classmate into a coma is "depressed" and getting a bum rap from American authorities, his parents complained Monday.
    But defiant Miladin Kovacevic has no intention of returning to the U.S. to face charges of beating Bryan Steinhauer senseless at a Binghamton University campus bar May 4.
    "He [Kovacevic] is depressed and he doesn't know what is going on with him," his lawyer Veselin Cervoic told reporters in Belgrade. Kovacevic is home with his parents in the small town of Kula.
    If you listen to Petar and Branka, their 6-foot-9 boy was the innocent victim of a fight started by Steinhauer, who suffered a skull fracture in the early-morning melee, and that Kovacevic was merely trying to be a peacemaker.
    "Our son tried to stop that fight," Petar said. "In that moment the victim started to hit Miladin from his back. Miladin turned over [around] and just pushed Bryan. Miladin didn't fight with him."
    Sen. Chuck Schumer's office and Binghamton authorities aren't buying the story.

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    Good grief! All the 5'6" guys I know wouldn't hesitate to start a fight with a 6'9" guy that weighs twice what he weighs. NOT!

    This shows what a coward he is.

    Some day he's going to pick a fight with the wrong person and his enabling parents won't be able to get him out of it.



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