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    FL - Cesar Gonzalez, 2 mos, suffocated by drunk dad, Lehigh Acres, 11 July 2008

    Julio Gonzalez was drunk. He was apparently so drunk that when he rolled over on his 2 month old baby the baby was suffocated.

    The 28 year old Gonzalez was arrested. There was no intent, but he has to bear responsibility LE says. Neighbors told reporters this isn't the first time Gonzalez was drunk and one lady said the mom of the baby asked to use her phone prior due to her husband being intoxicated and fighting with her.


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    how terribly sad and senseless.

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    Where was this mother while her drunk husband was sleeping on top of the baby? If she knew he was that drunk, why was the baby even near him? How long had it been since she had checked on the baby?

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    He was so drunk he fell asleep on top of the baby???? If he was drunk to the point of being insensible, what was he doing anywhere near the baby? Poor little thing . I am really starting to wonder if compulsary, basic parenting classes are needed!

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    I cannot imagine the guilt I would have, drunk or not.

    Many people can talk the talk, some people really know how to walk the walk, but it is a rare few who get to dance the dance!

    ઇઉ Kimmy aka Cassata

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    Dad is a POS who deserves jail time along with alcohol treatment. Also a good butt kicking.

    Mom should have made sure her baby was safe when dad was a drunken fool.

    Both parents failed here.

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