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    Matters for ongoing concern

    Part 1 of piece by LL Miller in West Kerr Current regarding the FLDS at YFZ as a world apart

    Notable quote

    More disturbing are the four girls illegally “wedded” to Warren Jeffs at the Ranch between January of 2004 and July 2006 who are between 12 and 14 years of age. Records indicate one of these brides of the pedophile conceived at 15. Photos show Jeffs posing with the child and her newborn.

    The 52-year old convicted Jeffs consummated three of the unions with the girls 38 years his junior in the inner sanctum of the YFZ Temple, according to a confidential informant working with law enforcement. The DNA test results provide additional evidence the state may need to indict Jeffs on aggravated sexual assault charges and habitual child rape. The names of children identified as victims of sexual abuse are not shown in public court records. Some of these assaults apparently occurred at YFZ while Jeffs was a fugitive from Utah’s felony charges of accomplice to rape.
    This author implies four underaged marriages for Jeffs at YFZ. Up until now, I've only heard rumors of two with potential TX ties. Wonder if this legit and if it's part of what the grand jury is looking into. Is there really an 'informant,' and if so, who is it? Could it be someone still on the inside or an ex-member who still has ties on the inside? Or, is TX just blowing smoke? Wonder if the warrants just served are related. Texas might be planning on going after Jeffs too, and perhpas the parents and other relatives of the brides.

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    Yikes, the FLDS is in Colorado too...raising concerns.

    Notable quote

    Laurie Allen's documentary, "Banking on Heaven," features accounts of mind-control and child molestation, labor violations and hunger in Colorado City, the FLDS hub on the Arizona-Utah line. Allen raised legitimate concerns about child abuse, welfare fraud and teenage boys cast from the sect so parents can offer their daughters to Jeff's loyal elders.
    With rapt applause from her audience, she went further by mocking the religion, which she likens to the Taliban, and deriding its minions as unChristian followers of polygamous Old Testament Jews. Allen — who encourages raids on the group such as the one this year in Eldorado, Texas — raised fears Thursday about the sect propagating like rabbits, drowning deformed babies, taking over county government and engaging in Waco-like standoffs, Jonestow-like mass suicides, Auschwitz-like incinerations and other unneighborly acts of blood atonement.

    "We don't want to go around and get everyone scared," she said as she proceeded to agitate the group even further.

    "They have no regard for their life," Allen added. "If their prophet tells them to kill your children, they'll do it. Don't underestimate them."
    Has anybody seen Banking on Heaven?

    So many ex-FLDS seem SO concerned about what this group is doing and could do. I can't help but be concerned too. My major concern is that these people STILL seem to follow Jeffs, or at least protect and defend him. Some of these people (if family photo albums tell the truth) very probably allowed their 12-14 daughters to marry the man. The may have attended sewn wedding dresses and transported the brides to the event which surely some of them attended. If so, are they not culpable in the abuse of these young women? Do these parents have other 12-14 year olds who they have married or will marry to other 50-something men? Were Jeffs adult wives aware that their hubby was bedding young teens? Did they do anything to stop him, or to report the abuse? If not, are they not culpable? Did Jeffs brothers know? His sisters? His mother(s)? The adult brothers and sisters of the 12-14 year olds, if they existed, the cousins, aunts and uncles--did they know? Did they do anything? Who took those pictures? Many people MUST have been aware that this was going on. If no one did anything to report or stop the abuse, might not Allen's assertion be true that many of these people will do anything the prophet tells them to do, or have most of YFZ people actually reached the conclusion that marrying 12-14 women is ok?

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    Thanks for posting those articles yolorado!

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