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    KY - Four kids removed from roach infested home

    A concerned neighbor called police to say four little children were left home alone. When police got to the home the door was wide open.

    Inside Officers found the kids ages 5, 3, 2 and 5 months all alone and with roaches ON them. The infant was laying on a couch. While police were still there the parents came home. Mom says she left the kids with "Darren". O.K. then.

    Both parents are charged with wanton endangerment.


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    Who's Darren?

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    Police said about 15 minutes later, the parents, 22-year-old John Campbell and 27-year-old Qywnasha Nicole Turner, arrived at the house.
    Garbage, they are pure garbage.

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    Poor babies! The mom didn't even know "Darren"'s last name. Well, I would bet money there is no "Darren."

    Do cockroaches bite? The end of the video said all 4 children had severe rashes. Probably didn't get changed or bathed. A 5 year old in charge of a 5 month old. All I can do is shake my head.


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    Wll that damn near made me toss my cookies.

    Those poor babies.
    Let's hope they're not returned to that home.

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    And I suppose 'Darren' brought those roaches with him and threw them on the children? Don't you hate when sitters do that? Naturally, her home would have been spotless when she left. How dumb does this woman think police are? Thank God her babies are now safe.

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