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    Prank takes ceramic dog all over US

    PORTLAND, Ore. -- A southeast Portland woman had her well-traveled yard decoration returned Sunday after an elaborate prank.

    Edwina Cramer-Norris said she noticed her ceramic dog yard decoration had disappeared a month ago. She never thought she would see it again, but she began getting post cards in the mail a few weeks later.

    The post cards were addressed "To Master," and were from "Lucky Dog."

    On Sunday, Cramer-Norris said she saw a blue van leaving her driveway when she opened the front door.

    More at link:

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    That is so funny!

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    How cute is that?
    FUN... is a renewable resource!

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    Traveling gnomes! this type of thing has been happening for years in Britain (and apparently Australia!), where gnomes have been snatched from gardens and resulting pictures/postcards have been sent.

    Travelling gnome prank

    The travelling gnome prank is a popular method of returning a garden gnome "to the wild". It involves stealing a gnome, taking it on a trip, and photographing it at famous landmarks, with the photos being returned to the owner.
    There are many clubs and organizations dedicated to the prank; the best-known of these is the Garden Gnome Liberation Front.


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    No gnome here, but we have a HUGE stuffed Scooby-Doo. When we moved now-hubby cross-country, we drove a Ryder truck with his little red Nissan in tow behind it. On a lark we stuck Scooby behind the wheel of the car so that it looked like he was driving. . . kiddos from Washington State to Florida waved to us like crazy.

    One fun thing we did with Scoob was the gnome thing. Scooby in Seattle. Scooby stading at an Idaho mountain overlook. Scooby next to a big mileage sign in Sturgis, ND (Harley mecca) where it says "1,003 miles to XXXX" and so on. Scooby at Graceland. And of course, behind the wheel of his ride.

    Hmmmm. Methinks I need to go find a gnome as an excuse for a vacation.

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