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    'Too many people stand by and let this happen and I wasn't going to be one of them.'

    Smile! Knife-wielding **** is caught on camera by pregnant woman - moments after he robbed young boy

    'Then I saw him grab the boy's bike so I leapt out of my car and ran across the road.
    'I heard another woman shouting that he had a knife but I just went into a kind of robot mode.
    'I was shouting 'give him his bike back' over and over again and that was when he started to come towards me - so I just said 'smile for the camera.'*
    'I didn't feel threatened or scared - after all he had just picked on a defenceless child so he obviously wasn't that brave.


    Dangerous, i know. but it would be wonderful if the general public didn't let ****s get away with their behaviour and always helped out.

    i'm glad others decide to pitch in after Nadine made a stand.

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    Well good for her Floh, I'm glad he didn't hurt her. What she did took courage and well might make that hoodlum think twice next time.

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    Good for her! It shows that we all are getting tired of this ***t and will stand together to fight.

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