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    Critic's Slam Mattel's New Barbie calling S&M outfit "filth"

    I think this is taking a kids doll too far. I would not buy it and dont think its appropriate either....I dont know why they cant just leave dolls "dolly", they are for kids!
    Rest in Peace Baby P xx

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    I am so behind the times. I have no idea who the "Black Canary" superhero is but she's been around since 1947. Look here for what she used to look like:

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    BARBIE...This one will probably be a collectors piece. It might pay to buy one before they're yanked off the market.

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    I wouldn't buy it for my kid (for myself maybe). BUT - just like you can change the channel on the tv set or close a book you don't approve of - you can also choose not to buy Slutty S&M Black Canary Biker-Babe Barbie if you're not into her. That Christian Voice group, and any other group who tries to tell everyone else what to think and how to behave, really irks me. 'Course I can understand why they'd think humans don't have sensible brains, but still...

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    This series was always intended for the adult collector, not little girls. Some of the other Super Heroes can be seen online at http://www.barbiecollector.com

    This reminds me of the Lingerie- dressed Silkstone Barbies which the women on "The View" pitched a national hissy fit about a few years ago. Here's a G- rated link to the doll they were up in arms about:

    In case someone can't see, she's dressed in a silvery gray colored satin SLIP with black lace added, wearing black stockings and shoes. And hidden undies, of course. I don't know what was scandalous about a slip. My Barbies often had " PJ Parties" and wore their babydoll nightgowns and one had a beautiful but sheer nightgown called " Pink Moonbeams". Anyone remember the outfit? It was beautiful with a pink lace open robe and maribou trim on the sleeves- but the gown was completely see through from the waist down. LOL.

    The ladies of "The View" complained in vain. Mattel is still producing the Silkstone material designer Barbies every year, one in lingerie just like always, the rest in day clothing or evening wear. Go to eBay and look at " Tout de Suite". She's this year's lingerie Silkstone. See if you find her scandalous. I think she's so cute, and also appropriate for a little girl to own.

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    I never had a little girl but I do have a 7 year old Granddaughter, NEVER would I give her a doll with big breast!

    All my nieces grew up with Barbie's. It was usually the main thing on their birthday or xmass list. A gift I never gave them.
    They thought that they too, when they grew up, would have those big pointy breast, long legs and itty bitty waist, drive around in a corvette with Skipper, marry Ken and live happily ever after in their dream house.

    That so did NOT happen and they all have major depression & weight issues. I'm not blaming Barbie for that. Playing pretend is good. But I do wish they would have also learned about nourishing & nourishment, that it's just as good to give than as to take. That they are not going to reach that magic age and have the looks and material possessions they didn't work for yet feel entitled to have.

    Maybe strange but I never could figure giving "dolls" like that to little girls.
    I give baby dolls away for presents for little girls to play Mommy and take care of.

    who also never had a Barbie but did have a Baby Brother to tend to

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