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    Parents Urge Teen Pregnancy In Controversial PETA Ad

    This is a fun, edgy way to get the message out about pet breeding? Ok, whatever.

    Animal rights group PETA is rolling out its controversial "Sex Talk" ad in which two parents urge their daughter to have a lot of sex and "pop out all the kids you want" in the top 10 teen pregnancy states to promote spaying and neutering of pets.
    The 30-second commercial was launched in January in Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears' hometown of Kentwood, La., after news emerged of then 16-year-old Jamie Lynn's pregnancy. The "Zoey 101" star, who turned 17 in April, has since given birth to a baby girl.
    more: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,385361,00.html

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    I would say YES it does make you stop and think about how totally irresponsible it is not to spay or neuter your pets. It is a creepy ad - reminds me a little bit of the first time I saw the fried egg/"This is your brain on drugs" ads.

    BUT, when are they showing this ad? I would say NEVER when young kids might be watching. Totally inappropriate for anyone under teenagers. Do they think the late night audience is really their target market? I mean really, mix the PETA ad in with the commercials for phone sex hotlines and personal injury lawers? Yeah, that ought to change a lot of minds!

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    I think this ad is rather clever and effective, both for its intended subject of spaying/neutering as well as for teen sex. I hope that teenagers see it. They will see how ridiculous these parents sound when encouraging their teen daughter to have lots of sex without consideration of the future of any offspring.

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    Well I would hope that a parent, a responsible parent does not encourage their teenage child to have sex.

    But as the ad portrays, be responsible, use birth control. Unfortunately, the USA has the highest rate of teen pregnancy in the G8 countries.

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    i think it's a really good commercial. a lot more effective than just saying hey spay or neuter your dogs and cats people. i mean bob barker didn't really make me think to do it when i saw the end of the price is right back in the day.
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