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    Thumbs down FL - Dad caught on video passed out behind wheel

    "Dave they are taking the kids".

    Those words spoken by David Novick's friend didn't even wake the father of three. Novick of Titussville, Florida was caught on a Quick Stop video passed out behind the wheel of his car with his three children strapped in the backseat. Seems Novick needed a pack of smokes and drove the few blocks to get them amazingly not killing someone.

    Nothing would wake the guy up. LE is questioning if it was just the alcohol that had Novick so wasted. He got locked up. The girlfriend got the kids. No word on why the friend didn't do something when the dude passed out.


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    From the article:
    "They miss him a whole bunch. They love their dad and he loves them. He's a really, really good dad. He is," said Novick's friend Shamra Sika."

    Right. Because putting your kids' life in jeopardy for some cigarrettes is the definition of good parenting.

    Why didn't the friend either drive (maybe he was impaired also?) or just stay at the house with the kids?? And where was the girlfriend at the time that he left with the kids?

    Thanks heavens that they at least safely made it to the gas station.

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    I shudder to think of Sika's parenting style if he believes Novick is a "really, really good Dad."

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    .152 blood alcohol level. Well, this guy's passed out self is all over the internet thanks to those video cameras.

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    Dad needs to be in rehab. NOW!

    Single dad of 3...man, I bet the mom must really be a POS if this drunk got the kids.

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    The dad should have stayed home with the kids while the friend went out for cigarettes. The friend didn't pass out =p Surprised the friend let the dad drive..

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