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    TX - A dozen attempted abductions, DeLeon, Tx.

    In the tiny community of DeLeon, Texas, police have received a dozen reports regarding a white male driving a new black four-door Dodge pickup with a Utah license plate. He has accosted women walking alone, and girls riding bikes. One incident invloved a woman with children at a rest stop. He tried to block her car in, but she was able to get away.

    It sounds to me like the local cop, (or cops, if there is more than one) is bemoaning the fact that he has more than one vehicle fitting the description, instead of getting on the ball and checking them out. Maybe he doesn't know how.

    I'm posting this on the off chance that someone from the area may be able to provide a name of any of these construction workers, or even the name of the construction company. If this crew is from Utah, they should stick out like sore thumbs in DeLeon,Texas. The locals will know exactly who they are.

    So, if anyone can get a name or two, maybe we can help the poor DeLeon PD catch the guy before he ruins some innocent woman's life, or kills someone.


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    With so many attempts, i would hope they catch that pervert soon. With a lot of witnesses, maybe throw together a sketch (although they said the description changes). He sounds awfully bold, they really need to get on that.

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