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    AZ - Toddler shows up at Litchfield Park, Az residence

    Look at how cute this little girl is. She looks well taken care of. I always worry that something bad has happened to the mom in cases like this.


    female toddler is in the custody of Child Protective Services after officials say she showed up alone on the doorstep of a Litchfield Park residence late Friday.
    The unidentified girl, thought to be between 18 months and 2 years old, was found at in the 600 block of East Wigwam Boulevard shortly before midnight. (more at link)
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    She's cute but where is mom? I hope they can find her family soon.

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    I'm hoping it's one of those miscommunication of who had the kid deals. Doesn't look good though if LE banged on everyone's door in the area. She could not have wandered far.

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    Grandma needs to be more careful. I can understand this happening once, but twice? My daughter would wring my neck!


    At 8 a.m. Saturday, the girl's grandmother, Rhonda Matthews, called 911 who told police she discovered Hannah Fenner was missing.

    Investigators said this wasn't the first time Fenner has wandered off from her grandmother's house by herself. Three weeks ago she was found by a neighbor in the middle of the street, wandering alone.

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    The angels must be looking out for that beautiful child. Perhaps she is just one of those kids who can open any door without any problem or she might be hyper and sleeps just a short time and is raring to go. I wonder where the parents are?

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    Wow. Well, I was sort of hoping it was a situation like this and nothing bad had happened to the parents.

    But for a 2 year old to wander off twice, you have to wonder about what kind of person is taking care of the kid. I understand accidents can happen, but especially with a child that young this seems more like neglect IMO. Both times the little girl was found in the middle of the streetand this time she was out in the middle of the night and the man who found her almost ran her over with his car! That is scary.

    Anyway, glad to see she is doing OK and that they found her family alright just hope grandma buys some locks if she gets the girl back.

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